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Raoul Sinier - Brain Kitchen - digital
Raoul Sinier - Brain Kitchen
Raoul Sinier

digital (digital download) (also available on CD)

Ad Noiseam adn92d
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hip-hop / electronica / experimental / IDM.

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Announced with the "Huge Samurai Radish" single and remix CD in December, Ra(oul Sinier)'s third studio album is follows up and builds upon the material of his previous "Wxfdswxc2" (released on Sublight). Intricate melodies, gritty undertones, imaginative structures are thrown into a canva of IDM and electronic hip-hop, forming a tasty (and brainy) whole.
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Here's the video to "Brain Kitchen", also by Raoul Sinier (double click for a better view):

ImageAnd here is a reading companion to "Brain Kitchen", a free 24 pages pdf magazine is now available for download here. Featuring illustrations by Raoul Sinier as well as other artists inspired by his music, an interview, some drafts and three short stories, it should help everybody grasp better the intricate and playful universe of Raoul Sinier.
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