Funckarma - Dubstoned vol. 2 - adn99
ImageMore than just dubstep: Funckarma make this genre theirs and re-write its foundation anew with this barrier-breaking record. Heavy but sharp, clear but dub-influenced, mid-tempo but infectious, the second volume of Funckarma's take on the dubstep genre is a new take at one of today's dominant genre by unequalled producers. (Get this on 12" / as mp3)
Almost ten years have passed since Funckarma's first records on the Djak-UP Bitch label, but the Funcken brother haven't shown any sign of fatigue along the way. With records on Neo Ouija, N5md and Hymen (among others) and remarked side-projects such as their albums with Shadow Huntaz on Skam or Cane and Quench, these two producers have shown that they had their ears right open to new sounds, styles and atmospheres.

Ad Noiseam is proud to welcome these two virtuosos to the fold, for the second volume of their dubstep-oriented series (who started with a first volume on the Highpoint Lowlife label in the middle of 2008). "Dubstoned vol. 2" shows Funckarma re-appropriating the dubstep trend and mixing it with their science-fiction sounding, bass-heavy electronic dub. Not an act to just follow a recipe or embrace a trend, Funckarma however turns dubstep into a moody, science-fiction sounding electronic monster, full of sharp edits, dynamic changes and insidious hip hop influences, the whole thing perfectly demonstrated by the "Nays Of Dight" opener.

Escaping the dominant blend of dubstep but broadening the genre by adding to it the mixture of genres and sounds that has become typical of Funckarma, "Dubstoned vol. 2" is a heavy but fresh take at one of today's most commanding sound, and should be an ear opener for many.

Dubstoned vol. 2
Release date:
October 2008

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Tracklisting:A1. Nays Of Dight
A2. 2nd Bace
B1. Otrivines
B2. Metalliz

Artwork by Nicolas Chevreux.


mp3:Nays Of Dight

Metalliz (excerpt)

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